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“Will I See My Girlfriend?” About 100 NHL Hockey Players do not want to continue the Season.

100 NHL Hockey Players Do not Want to Continue the Season.
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Do you agree with the opinion that all hockey players want to play? The stories about how hockey players suffer without a game, being in self-isolation, really form such a stereotype. The authoritative internet-edition The Athletic interviewed 57 NHL players from 22 different teams, and the results were very unexpected. About 100 NHL hockey players do not want to continue the season.

Teams Have a Cunning Plan

So, 63.2% of those polled want to play out the regular season. 24.6% are for the continuation of the playoffs rather than the regular season, and 12.3% of the hockey players were against any hockey before the start of the next season.

Curiously, six teams out of all those polled are fighting for a place in the playoffs. If the regular season is suspended, it will benefit them – this explains the large number of hockey players who do not want to finish the championship.

Do They Really Want to Play Hockey?

However, the most interesting position is the 12.3% of players who do not want to continue. If we assume that when interviewed, the percentage of those surveyed will remain approximately the same, then we can assume about 100 NHL hockey players do not want to continue the season.

“I want to play, but I need to know what our isolation will look like. Will we be trapped in a hotel? Will I be able to see my girlfriend, friends, and parents? “- said one hockey player from the team from the East.

Looking at such a differences of opinion, it cannot be ruled out that the members of the NHLPA will fail to reach an agreement on this question. Meanwhile, the NHL continues to seek new possibilities. Let’s see what comes next.

About 100 NHL Hockey Players Do not Want to Continue the Season, but Bettman tells of a possible extension of the season.

Did this position of the hockey players surprise you? What do you think about it – write in the comments.

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