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Win All Games without Making the Playoffs. Everything is Possible in the NBA.

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The Phoenix Suns are in a very unpleasant situation this year. They won all their games without making the playoffs. The Suns started their games after the season restart very successfully, succeeding in all 8 of them.

Bad Start, Good End

Phoenix is the only one who has not suffered a single defeat out of more than 20 teams. But alas, fate decreed that even such results is not enough to qualify them for the playoffs. They still lack luck, though.

That is because the team managed to do their best only after the season resumed (perhaps, the players have been missing the game a lot). However, before that, they had a losing streak. Furthermore, the team was losing too much before the quarantine, gaining insufficient points. For that matter, even these eight victories are not enough to qualify.

New Records

The Memphis Grizzlies took over The Suns’ place. Moreover, they played very poorly but had good points, obtained before the quarantine. Nevertheless, the Suns leave proud of themselves.

Besides, they set a record in NBA history as the team that won all the games before the playoffs. They failed to advance, though. Also, that is not all. The Suns decided to make their mark in history with another achievement. The basketball players threw the ball from the free-throw line with more than 80% accuracy — another record.

Devin Booker, Ricky Rubio, Deandre Ayton, Dario Saric, Mikal Bridges, and Cameron Johnson managed to make the fans fall in love with their game. Many wanted to see the Suns in the playoffs, but they were not destined. However, this young team has a future. Next season, Phoenix should be very successful. As you already know, everything is possible in the NBA.

Would you want the Suns in the NBA playoffs?

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