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Who are you from the famous hockey players?

Hockey is not as popular a sport, but that does not make it not an important and hard sport. Hockey players have to go through hell to become a professional and a world hockey star. Sure, it is not only about hockey, but it is also that hard to reach anything, to find the power to confront all the difficulties. Would you want to know if you could manage it? Try this test and you will find out if you can be at the same level with your favorite hero!

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    What zodiac sign do you like the most?

    • Aries;
    • Capricorn;
    • Leo;
    • Aquarius
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    What country would you like to work in?

    • Czechoslovakia;
    • Russia;
    • Canada;
    • Belarus
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    What height is normal for a hockey player?

    • 185;
    • 173;
    • 180;
    • 183
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    What position would you like to play?

    • Goalkeeper;
    • Winger;
    • Striker;
    • The center forward
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    How much do you have to weigh?

    • 80 kg
    • 75 kg
    • 91 kg
    • 84 kg
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    What team would you like to play on?

    • The Chicago Blackhawks;
    • The CSKA;
    • The Pittsburgh Penguins;
    • The Edmonton Oilers


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