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4 MLB players have announced the end of the season.

MLB players
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Several Major League Baseball players announced that they would miss the upcoming season. Among the first MLB players to decide to stay home is Arizona pitcher Mike Leake, Washington representatives Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross, as well as Ian Desmond from Colorado.

32-year-old Leake was the first to refuse to play. According to the Diamondbacks’ General Manager Mike Hazen, the nature of this decision is extremely personal, so nothing is known about the details of Leake’s refusal, and it is unlikely that the reasons will become known in the future. A little light was Sheldon the situation later by the agent of the pitcher, Danny Horowitz, reporting that Mike made the decision together with his family after a very long discussion, and apparently, Leake was not concerned about his health, but about the health of one of his closest relatives. Leake earned about 5.5 million dollars for playing in the short regular season, but because he was not considered a player from an at-risk group, he will not accrue salary and length of service in the Major League.

At the same time, the reigning Washington champion supported baseball players who missed the 2020 season. Zimmerman last week in an interview with the Associated Press expressed concern for a newborn daughter and his mother – she suffers from multiple sclerosis. The 35-year-old veteran refused $ 2 million.

As for Desmond, the 34-year-old athlete said that he was not ready to take the risk created by the coronavirus for himself, his pregnant wife, and four young children. On a forced vacation, Desmond is going to work with a children’s team in Sarasota, Florida. The baseball player said nothing about a possible career continuation.

In addition to the mentioned baseball players, two members of the Minnesota Twins coaching staff will also miss the season – 68-year-old bullpen coach Bob McClure and 66-year-old coach Bill Evers. This decision was made by the club after a physical examination, both have concomitant diseases. These Specialists will not be left without a salary, plus, probably, they will be used to a certain extent in the management system as advisers.

Will the games be worse without these players? What do you think?

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