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19-Year-Old Overweight Basketball Player Who Earns Millions in the NBA.

Millions in the NBA
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Sports experts predict a billionaire fortune for a young guy in the near future. He is a basketball star already. Without a doubt, this player is the only 19-year-old overweight basketball player who earns millions in the NBA.

Miracle Man

The Pelicans chose Zion Williamson as the number one pick in 2019. Zion lacked only a contract with the NBA team to finally become a star because he was already known for playing for Duke at the NCAA. What is his secret? His height is 5’6′′, and he weighs 284.4 lbs., but that does not prevent him from being as plastic and flexible to show good results. Zion works real miracles on the basketball court.

He performs dunks, scores from behind the arc, gives chic assists. However, his physical form sometimes interferes with him. For example, Williamson missed almost all last year’s championship due to an injury. He played only 19 games but had already had good results – 23.6 points.

Where Did the Fortune Come From?

So far, Williams’ salary under contract is not very big. If stars like LeBron earn about 35 million dollars a year, then the club cannot pay such a sum to a beginner like Zion, according to the NBA collective agreement. But up to analysts, he will be able to earn about $ 90 million in a few years.

However, Williamson profits are mainly from sponsorship agreements nowadays. For example, Jordan Brand has paid him $ 75 million for last year’s contract. Moreover, Zion had not even played in the NBA at the time of signing the contract. He also has several contracts with Gatorade and 2K Sports. And these are only the biggest contracts of this smart 19-year-old overweight basketball player who earns millions in the NBA.

What do you think about Williams? Do you like him as a basketball player? Share your impressions with us in the comments.

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