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The elite technique of the game combined with incredible hockey IQ. Who is the favorite of the NHL 2020 draft?

NHL 2020 Draft
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Detroit forward Joe Veleno shared his views on the prospects of the main favorite of the NHL 2020 draft, Alexis Lafreniere, with whom he played with on a Canadian youth team.

“We see the game the same way. He has an elite technique, incredible hockey IQ and can act powerfully. Under the first number just do not choose. And he deserves it. At the same time, he is a wonderful man: very modest and down to earth. He has a bright future ahead of him, ā€¯Veleno said.

The main sensation – Lafreniere will go to the playoff team. Even if this team takes off after the previous round. Alexis is called the readiest player for the NHL, and he can strengthen any club that claims a Canadian.

Of course, there are fears that the previous round of the playoffs after such a gift will turn into a farce – the conditional “Montreal” has long dreamed of getting an elite Francophone, and his chances of winning the cup are exactly less than the first peak.

Lafreniere can even get Toronto, which gave its peak of the first round to Carolina to throw out the contract of  Marleau’s. The fact is that this peak is protected – if the “leaves” fly, they get a chance to add to the team a top player on a newcomer’s contract.

Columbus was left without stars before this season, they lost a lot of players due to injuries but confidently fought for a place in the wild card zone. Nashville is formally packed by players at least for the conference finals. Pittsburgh has two superstars in good shape and a great deadline – why drain the game them if they can take another Stanley Cup here and now?

For these teams, Lafreniere will be a bonus, not a goal. Also, a break in the season turns the playoffs into madness – no advantage in physical form, all teams will be involved for the same length of time, and in such circumstances, Price may well drag his team in the late rounds.

Do you like Lafreniere?

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