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4 old-school legends of Pride Fighting Championships.

Pride Fighting Championships
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Pride Fighting Championships are a Japanese MMA promotion that was rising shortly before the UFC.  The times of Pride flourish are called the golden age of MMA and that`s for a reason. The most murderous fighters and the most spectacular fights are what Pride has given us and that`s what became the basis for the whole modern martial arts stage.

Cro Cop

Pride Fighting Championships
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Croatian former special ops is one of the most loved MMA fighters of all time. His leg kicks might have been used as a mass weapon. Well, they were indeed used to knock out the toughest Pride fighters. Mirco has knocked out Igor Vovchanchun, Alexander Emelianenko, Wanderlei Silva, and many others. His fights still appear in many highlights about devastating martial artists.

Wanderlei Silva

Pride Fighting Championships
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We don`t recommend this fighter to the faint-hearted. Ex-middleweight Pride champion Silva and his murderous Muay Thai still haunt his opponents` dreams. Even when he was losing, the bouts could hardly be called easy for his opponents. The Axe Murderer has gifted us one of the most spectacular knockouts ever when he put Quinton Jackson to sleep by his knees right on the ropes. Silva also had time to participate in the UFC and he managed to give us a few more knockouts and some slaughter fights.

Antônio Rogério Nogueira

Pride Fighting Championships
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Another Brazilian had an absolutely different approach to the fights than his compatriot. He was a vivid representative of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and he has shown the best performances possible both in Pride and in the UFC. Minotauro beat the Cro Cop, Dan Henderson, Mark Coalman, Josh Barnett, and others. His signature move was armbar. Minotauro was the first Pride Heavyweight champion and the interim UFC heavyweight champion and it`s thanks to the ability to snap necks and break limbs in all ways possible.

Fedor Emelianenko

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The Last Emperor needs no introduction. Emelianenko`s sambo skills were terrifying dozens of his opponents, that includes most of the fighters listed above. More than that, it was Fedor who motivated thousands of people to fall in love with MMA and find a real way to become a true king in the jungle. His fighting style is a combo of punches and destructive sambo. It`s worth remembering one of the best slams ever performed during Fedor`s fight with beast wrestler Kavin Randleman.


There are no appropriate words to fully describe what is the Pride FC and how cool it is for many MMA fans to watch the parade of violence performed by two skilled killing machines. The fighters on the list are not only just good sportsmen, but they were at the root of the whole martial arts and they are those who have shown the world the true beauty of this brutal and fascinating sport.

Which of these fighters do you like the most?

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