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Baseball Players Refuse to Start the Season.

Refuse to Start the Season.
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The association of players cannot agree with Major League Baseball regarding the continuation of the season. Each side has conflicting claims on fundamental values and perspectives. Athletes oppose salary cuts and refuse to start the season.

What Is the Matter?

The MLBPA has approached the league leaders with a proposal to conduct a season of 114 games (usually 162), which is less than was planned. It will last from June 30th to October 31st.

Besides, the association offers an exceptional opportunity for every baseball player to refuse to participate in the season with impunity because of the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

However, the Major League Baseball leadership intends to reject such an option from the association of players, offering in return an even shorter schedule of 82 games. Also, the parties cannot agree on the issue of salaries, because the league intends to significantly reduce it.

The Major League Baseball makes decisions based on the financial situation, as the league will lose more money if the number of games in a season is 114, not 82.

In case of refusal to reduce payments, Major League Baseball intends to spend a shortened season, which also does not suit the players.

What Have They Agreed Upon?

“Players are ready to return even under such conditions that could have negative health consequences not only for themselves but also for their close ones. However, the league’s request for additional reductions was rejected,” said executive director of the MLBPA.

Thus, the future of the season remains unclear, at least until a compromise solution is found.

The 2020 season in Major League Baseball was supposed to start on March 26, but its start was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you want to see baseball season open?

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