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Dana White’s ‘Fight Island’ Explained.

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Dana White has been a force of nature when it comes to defying the odds. While the fighters demonstrate their perseverance in the Octagon, Dana has been hard at work to make sure the ball keeps rolling for the UFC.  He had an idea about ‘Fight Island’.

Fighting Amidst the Crisis

Faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the limitations imposed throughout the world, Dana has decided to bring UFC back in two waves. The first one involved securing a venue for the fights, which has been hosting numerous UFC events for two months already.

Private Island for UFC Events

But the venue doesn’t solve all of the problems for the UFC. Most international fighters still can’t travel to the US due to restrictions from both the US and their own country. The solution? A private island that the athletes will be flown to by private UFC planes.

Sounds crazy? Well, it seems like it’s actually happening – and it might even work.

Although the island doesn’t eliminate all the problems with travel, it does make more room for flexibility. A private location with quarantined people and continuous testing of everyone seems to be an easier workaround for travel restrictions than others.

Unheard of and Costly

But the endeavor is not a cheap one. It’s very likely that we’re talking about dozens if not hundreds of millions, and Dana himself called the plan “very [censored] expensive”. But his determination to pull it off has been contagious.

When Will It Happen? 

As the guest of the ‘Talk The Talk’ podcast, Dana White went even further and told the listeners that the ‘Fight Island’ will happen in June. He was specific, too. The promised date is June 27th, so prepare your popcorn for the craziness.


Dana has already proven the skeptics wrong with UFC 249, which has been among the first professional sports to return during the pandemic. Will he pull off his bizarre ‘Fight Island’? 

It certainly seems like he might. He has already secured the location and has everything going according to plan in that regard. With the year 2020 defying any reasonable expectations, it definitely seems like the ‘Fight Island’ is a fitting addition to the sequence of unexpected and world-changing events.

Do you like this idea?

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