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Can a Legend Elevate the MLS? Thierry Henry as Impact’s Manager.

Thierry Henry
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Career of Thierry Henry was one to be remembered. With Arsenal and later with Barcelona, he was a part of winning teams that dominated both the Premier League and La Liga. 

Henry also won the Champions League with each team, becoming one of the best strikers in the world in the process.

His landmark period in Arsenal led to him playing for Barcelona. Eventually, he was offered a contract by the New York Red Bulls, which he accepted.

His character is firm and determined. Thierry Henry strives to perform at the highest level at all times, and he expects his teammates to do the same. Valuing practice and commitment to hard work as the highest virtues, Henry has always been tough, but also a good influence.

The New Chapter 

Henry’s playing career ended in the US, but he wasn’t one for cocktails and recreation. Coaching seemed like the most interesting career prospect at the time, so Henry pursued coaching.

He started by coaching youth teams at his former club Arsenal and then took on the role of the forwards coach of Belgium. He notably helped the team to reach third place in the 2018 World Cup, which opened up new coaching possibilities.

After declining the offers from Bordeaux, Henry subsequently became the head coach at Monaco in 2018, where he had started his senior soccer career 24 years prior. 

First Coaching Failures

Henry’s coaching inexperience was something on everyone’s mind (especially the media), but the legend stepped in with confidence and started to apply a hands-on approach to training sessions from the get-go.

Monaco had not been demonstrating promising results until Henry came in. Unfortunately, the losing streak continued after he took over. 

Henry started his head coaching career with a month full of losses and was dismissed only a few months after due to a disappointing 4-5-11 win-draw-loss ratio.

Montreal Impact

November 2019 marked the month when Henry was offered a three-year deal from Impact. The owners seemed to believe in Thierry’s ability, so he began the new endeavor with the determination to retribute for the poor results in Monaco.

The new beginning did not have a very promising start. Under the new coach, Impact started the 2019-2020 season with one win, three draws, and two losses. 

But Henry doesn’t give up. The team had the time to regroup and rethink its strategy over the last few months due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

Thierry has strong beliefs in his ability to change Impact’s playstyle for the better if he is given the time. But the question is: will the owners be patient?  


Zidane and Lampard showed that successful players can be fully equipped to make grand debuts as coaches who lead their teams to win the hardest trophies. 

Although Henry did not shine in his first coaching attempt, we believe that he is capable of great things. He just needs a bit of time.

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