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The hunting season is open! The women force Daniel Snyder to sell the team.

Daniel Snyder
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It looks like the hunt for Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington football team, has begun. Not only that, he was forced to change the name of the franchise, but now he is forced to sell the team.

Although Daniel Snyder said in 2013 that the club would never change its name, despite criticism, he made concessions on this issue. The leader of the team said that it will drop the name and logo after ending the review process. The team owner and coach will work closely to develop a new name and design [logo] that will improve the team’s reputation.

Amid tolerant protests against the Redskins, 15 women who previously worked for the team (from 2006 to 2019) immediately announced sexual harassment by scouts and office leaders from Snyder’s entourage.

The accusation of “sexual harassment” refers to very far-fetched things, such as meaningful offers, ambiguous comments, calls to wear revealing clothes at work, and requests to flirt with customers when concluding sales and purchases. That is, nothing specific.

With the recent layoffs of several Redskins officials and the urgent hiring of former attorney Beth Wilkinson, who has successfully represented the NSAA and Major League Baseball in class action lawsuits, Snyder is doing badly.

And the most logical conclusion to Snyder’s bullying would be to sell the franchise to some billionaire or a group of comrades who regularly declare the need for the first-ever black NFL franchise owner to appear.

The attack on Snyder on Twitter and the press from all sorts of female celebrities have already begun.

The owner of the Redskins has already received offers from buyers willing to buy a controlling stake in the franchise. For now, Snyder claims that he is not negotiating and will keep the team on his property. But it is clear where the wind is blowing.

What do you think, will Snyder sell the team?

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