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Will the Welshman change the club?

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Gareth’s relationship with Creams received new articles in the media when journalists photographed him in the tribunes, where the Welshman pretended to be asleep, while his teammates were playing their match against Alaves, and in the next match with Granada, as he looked across the field through a folded sheet of paper.

One of the factors why Zizou left Madrid was Welshman.  Florentino wanted to make Bale’s a new Ronaldo, and the Frenchman was opposed to this idea. Therefore, Zizou, unable to convince the Perez, left the “cream” after winning the third consecutive League of the Champions. In 2019, there was an agreement in which the Welshman was to move to China, but it did not work out.

At a news conference in Texas, Zizou said this about the end of Bale’s career: “Nothing personal. Madrid will negotiate with those football teams where the Welshman can continue to play. It will be better for all.”

Bale remains the highest-paid footballer at Real Madrid, but a transfer to China makes him the highest-paid footballer in the world. In that case, Madrid would save money, Bale would earn even more, and Zizou would get what he demanded from the beginning. But something went wrong, Real began to demand money for the transfer of Bale, and the Chinese club ended the negotiations.

After all these cases, Gareth made a good decision. If he is unable to move to another team, and if he is not allowed to play in the main lineup of Real Madrid, his decision is to stay with the “Cream” until the end of the deal. Just sitting on a bench, he will be able to earn 35.7 million pounds. His life includes private flights, his own home in Wales, and a luxury house he rents in Spain. So he will stay at Real only for revenge.

Do you want to see Bale in Real?

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