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Social media fights.

Social media fights
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Social networks such as Twitter or Instagram have become more than just a simple media tools over the last years. Being taught by the success of the “Notorious One” Conor McGregor, fighters don’t mind making uproars through these networks, which are sometimes more exciting to observe than the actual. Social media fights bellow.

“Money” needs more money

Social media fights
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As we mentioned Conor, it would be a sin not to mention “a fight of the century” he had back in 2017 with an undefeated boxer with 15 major world titles named Floyd Mayweather. Shortly after McGregor beat Donald Cerrone on the 19th of January, Floyd published two posts on Instagram portraying him versus Conor and Khabib. There were rumors that Khabib could also fight Mayweather after he beat “the Notorious” in 2018. Reporters were messing with Floyd a bit, saying that the posts were mostly for hype and the chance to earn even more money than in 2017 if Conor or Khabib accepted the challenge. By the way, he deleted these posts after a while.

Bieber’s sunset

That is what you might think about while reading his twit in which Justin is challenging Tome Cruise to fight him in the octagon. Wish we could see Tom`s reaction, but the world community didn`t leave the post unnoticed. People were openly making fun of Bieber, saying that this whole thing is for cheap hype and assuring Bieber he has no chance against Cruise. A chance of their fight is minimal, but it`s still fun to see how Tom Cruise’s memes were reborn for the purpose of driving Bieber`s self-respect into the ground.

Nostalgic retiree

Legendary UFC bantamweight and Olympic winner Henry Cejudo doesn`t seem to feel really good in retirement. We think Cejudo still has some bullets in his gun. He keeps trash talking and challenging UFC fighters through his Twitter. To tell the truth, it`s amazing to see how Henry can`t wait to return to the octagon by offending anyone he can in his division.

After Petr Yan’s victory, Cejudo kind of commended him on the victory, but then said that Yan sucks and called him an ugly potato, who would expect that? Apart from that, Henry is challenging UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. He keeps saying that it would solidify his legacy and promises all his fans that Volkanovski will bend his knee to him. Well, chances that it will happen someday are quite high.

Funkmaster left behind

Now, let’s get back to the bantamweight division. People keep arguing about who will become Petr Yan`s first title defense opponent. Two possible contenders are Aljamain Sterling and Marlon Moraes. Chances are good that it will be Moraes. Even though, Sterling keeps trying to hit Yan`s nerve by the series of trash talk posts on his Twitter. In his latest post, the funkmaster called Yan a fake champ. Petr took it with humor and said that Sterling can beg for a fight, but he won`t get it, adding it all with #FunkNotNext hashtag. Sterling might feel quite underrated after that.


Social networks have become a battlefield, and it would be criminal for us not to enjoy it. Some of these media fights don`t go beyond promises and threats, some of them grow to something better and eventually become martial arts events we will remember for decades.

Which fighter’s twitter do you like the most?

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