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NBA continues canceling games.

NBA continues canceling games
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The NBA continues canceling games, so all fans are frustrated and sad because of it, as nobody expected it to be like this. The league is going to issue a statement concerning it. 

According to Adam Silver’s words, it’s high time for some changes. So, the league will focus on increasing access to voting, people’s civil rights, and criminal justice reform. The NBA is sure canceling games is essential now, as the situation is rather unstable.

Everything is changing

For now, the official full statement is not available. The racial injustice fight is what people are focused on, taking into account all the recent racial discrimination cases. 

Speaking about teams, they continue practicing, but a workout schedule is yet unclear. There were no playoff games for three days. 

More that one hundred NBA workers walked off their jobs aiming at supporting those fighting for social equality. Basketball is not the only area influenced by all these events. 

A huge amount of ice hockey, football, and tennis games were canceled because of it. The initial reason for all these changes took place recently. Jacob Blake was shot several times, which lead to protests. So, both black players and their teammates demand actions. 

What to expect

Understandably, nobody can say for sure that the NBA playoff games will be played as people expected. The games will certainly resume.

Recently, players from all 13 teams left in Orlando, as well as the authorities, gathered to discuss various concerns. Details of the meeting are not available for now. The only thing we know is that players remain active and are ready to continue fighting for their rights. 


It remains to be seen how the current situation will change the basketball world. In any case, all people deserve dignity and equality. So, it’s certainly worth fighting for. 

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