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One More chance for Antonio Brown? Will he really play for the Seattle Seahawks?

Antonio Brown
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Antonio Brown has not been allowed to play yet. Nevertheless, he caught the attention of Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, who offered him something.

Why is Brown not Playing Football Now?

Of course, Brown will not be able to play for any team until all three investigations into violations of the NFL ethics rules are completed. These investigations include the following elements: a civil lawsuit against the football player regarding possible sexual assault; another woman’s statement published by regarding Brown’s harassment of her; an incident involving the use of violence against a truck driver, which ultimately led to the arrest and official charges. Brown may face a long disqualification before he is allowed to get back on the field.

How Are Things Going in Seattle?

Seattle has such receivers as DK Metcalf and Tyler Locket. Besides, Philip Dorset joined the team in the offseason as a free agent.
“The Seahawks do not exclude the possibility that another receiver will appear on the team. Sources say that Russell Wilson would love to see Antonio Brown on the team,” says sports expert John Clayton.

Who Else is Interested in Brown?

Brown, who had previously played for the Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots, is likely to join the Baltimore Ravens as well, where his cousin plays. However, last season, the Seahawks had already tried to sign Brown but did not reach an agreement. However, it all depends on what punishment Brown will receive, or whether he will be acquitted. While the incidents are being investigated, it’s too early to talk about any real possibilities.

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