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Reasons Valorant Will Be the Next Big eSports Title.

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Ever since Riot Games released its highly anticipated title Valorant, it’s been clear that the eSports scene is going to change. Valorant is a 5v5 shooting game, which combines the core of CS: GO with the ability mechanics of Overwatch or Riot’s another acclaimed title, League of Legends.

Rising to the Top

Combined with tournaments and pro players from other games switching to Valorant, its overwhelming popularity on the Twitch streaming platform makes a strong claim that the game will become the next big thing.

Here’s why we think it will become a household name in the shooting genre.

The Studio

The first argument for Valorant’s future success is the studio that made the game. Riot Games is not a newbie company with an ambitious idea to take over eSports. With League of Legends, Riot has grown from a small company that released a Dota-like competitive game to a massive game studio that has nurtured its baby to the heights nobody could have predicted.

With more than 8 million players that log in every day, massive content ecosystem, and an overwhelmingly popular eSports tournaments, Riot has learned the nuts and bolts of running a successful eSports title.

The Model

Valorant combines LoL’s free-to-play model with extremely low system requirements. If you have no money and your laptop is dated, you’re still part of the Valorant’s market. That kind of reach will attract massive amounts of players.

Tailored for individual showdowns and adaptive strategy, Valorant embraces the best parts of CS: GO and extends those with character selection and abilities. Valorant isn’t drastically different, but it’s different enough to create its own little niche.

Valorant’s high growth potential is enabled by Riot’s decision to disable blood display during all tournaments, as well as to omit the ‘terrorist/counter-terrorist’ naming. Valorant looks more like a light, casual game (although it’s definitely not), which might pave the way for more sponsors.

The Talent

Players are excited about Valorant. Not only is the player pool comprised of a wide range of personalities and backgrounds, but also the pro players from famous shooters like Fortnite, CS: GO, and Overwatch are switching to the new title.

Even the development team of Valorant includes plenty of eSports veterans, including pro gamers. In a match between developers and recent Valorant pros, the former demolished their opponent. That says a lot about their deep understanding of the shooting scene.


It seems like it’s only a matter of time before Valorant becomes as big as Fortnite or CS: GO. What’s best, it doesn’t have to kill the competition. Valorant is a new spin on the familiar genre and we’re excited to see where things will go next.

Do you like to play Valorant? What do you think about this game?

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