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For JJ Redick Steph Curry is the best player in the NBA forever.

 Steph Curry
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Pelicans defender Jay Jay Redick disagreed with ESPN expert Bomani Jones, who featured on his podcast. Jones said he was not ready to include Warriors point guard Steph Curry in the Top 5 players who could create a dribble situation for themselves. “The general level of disrespect for Steph Curry just blows my mind,” said Redick.

Jones has previously stated that he does not consider Curry a superstar. In his opinion, the 2X MVP is the “best system player”.

Steph Curry is very talented to accept merciless criticism from the side of basketball players from other teams, experts, and fans.

At first, he was criticized for the lack of athletic physique, then people began to talk about the end of his career when he suffered a serious injury. Subsequently, there were accusations from the basketball players that Curry did not deserve to be an MVP, they said that his game was really good, but not the level of the champion’s game. They said that Curry showed a low level of defense. Then here is a question to you, is LeBron James, whom we all deservedly love – the king of defense?

The recent case with Ayesha Curry only made matters worse. Even teammates did not support Kappa. It looks like other people are deliberately downplaying Curry’s talents.

“I have a “comment policy” that sends me all possible links to everything that has been said about me. People who know what they are talking about will operate with facts and truth. Even when I finish playing and end my career, the haters will remain, ” Curry said.

There can be as much hatred as you want, but the Warrior confirms his championship title not with words, but with a highly qualified game. As well as for Redick, for us, Steph Curry is the best player in the League forever!

Do you think Curry is worthy of MVP?

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