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Rooney Rule Expanded. What Has Changed and Why Do African-Americans Disapprove of It?

Rooney Rule Expanded
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In 2003, the NFL first introduced the Rooney Rule, according to which NFL clubs, when looking for a head coach, must invite at least one representative of a racial minority for an interview. However, only four representatives work in the league as head coaches nowadays, which is the record low in the whole history. However, the Rooney Rule has been expanded. Let us consider the reasons as well as consequences. 

What Has Changed?

The NFL team, when searching for a head coach, is required to hold an interview with not one but two representatives of minorities.

It is also now mandatory to interview at least one minority representative when looking for a coordinator in the coaching staff.

However, the question of a possible improvement in draft positions for those clubs that appoint an African-American as a head coach or general manager will not be raised as was planned previously. The topic had been removed from the agenda in advance.

Racism or a Gesture of Goodwill?

One of the most successful African American trainers in NFL history, Tony Dungy who lead the Indianapolis Colts to Super Bowl, believes that improving the draft position for appointing African-American coaches is a dumb move. “I spoke with several black coaches who had a career in the NFL. There are two points they worry about after the Rooney Rule was expanded. First, how will this affect relationships with other coaches? Will colleagues think that they are given an advantage?”

Linebacker Sam Acho, a member of the board of the NFLPA, also believes that it will not solve the league’s global problem. “The NFL promotes favoring close friends. Everything is up to the one you know personally. Very often, not the best coaches get a job in the NFL. It’s just politics and business. Football players are very happy when they see that they have a really good coach,” Acho said.

Subscribers in social networks are also unhappy with these rules and believe that they only add fuel to the fire.

What do you think about this rule? We are very interested in your opinion. Tell us in the comments.

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