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Solskjaer Nears His First Trophy With Man United After a Nervous Europa League Win.

Europa League
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A whopping 33 points from the first spot in the Premier League, Man United is now focusing on a tournament once overlooked: The Europa League. 

A Tough Fight Against Copenhagen

After not leaving the slightest chance to LASK (6-1) in the round of 8, the Red Devils started the game against FC Copenhagen with a boost of confidence. But the Danish club put up a pretty impressive fight.

With a total of 13 saves, Karl-Johan Johnsson demonstrated how one man can make a difference. Neither Man United nor Copenhagen was able to score until the overtime. 

It was only in minute 95 of overtime that Bruno Fernandes got a chance to put his team ahead. It was a penalty, and he finally found a crack in the seemingly impenetrable Johnsson. 

The final score remained 1-0 in Manchester’s favor.

Chances of Getting to the Final

But before the thoughts about holding The Europa League trophy can be entertained by Solskjaer, his team will have to face Sevilla. 

The latter secured a confident 1-0 victory against Wolverhampton in the round of 8 and a 2-0 win against Roma before that. Just like MU, Sevilla has already qualified for The Champions League and can fully focus on the semifinal battle. 

All predictions point to Solskjaer’s team as the favorites in this match, but because of the not-so-perfect last game and Sevilla’s solid composition, it will likely be a close fight. 


The winner of the semifinal will either face Inter Milan or Shakhtar Donetsk in the final game. The Europa League can be full of surprises, so be prepared for dramatic resolutions.

Which is your prediction for the Europa League?

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