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Aaron Rodgers after Packers’ loss to Tom Brady’s Bucs: “We needed a push”

Aaron Rodgers
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Recently, the Packers were defeated by the Buccaneers, which surprised all of their fans, as it was the first team’s loss in the season. Aaron Rodgers is sure that loss was important, as it helped them to realize their mistakes and weaknesses better. The score was 38-10, so the Buccaneers won. Rodgers has lots of experience and many awards, so he is a valuable player whose opinion matters. He was the NFL Most Valuable Player twice. Besides, he is a seven-time Pro Bowler and has more than 25 NFL records. It’s certainly interesting what he thinks about the Packers’ loss.


Rodgers underlined that they didn’t expect they would lose. It was a result nobody wanted to face. Besides, there was something good in it, as Rodgers underlined they desperately needed a little push, as the team felt relaxed and casual. So, Tom Brady’s Buccaneers did exactly that. It was a wake-up call for the Packers, so Rodgers hopes that it will help them to show better results in the future.

According to Aaron Rodgers, it was something they could learn and grow from. He also underlined that it was an ordinary situation every team faces lots of times during their career. He said he hasn’t experienced many losses, but each of them taught both him and his team something important. Rodgers also mentioned that Dean’s performance was great. 


There is an idea that every team or player learns more from a loss than from a win. According to Aaron Rodger’s words, that’s the truth. So, we hope this game will help the Packers to improve and reach new heights. 

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