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Cris Cyborg Has No Rival to Fight. Is a Rematch with Nunes the Only Worthy Option?

Cris Cyborg
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The athlete is already at the level at which it is difficult to find opponents. A rematch with Nunes could be a worthy option, but there are two problems. First, Cris Cyborg performs at Bellator. Second, she is at enmity with Dana White.

Cyborg vs. Blencowe

On October 16th, the Bellator 249 mixed martial arts tournament was held in the city of Uncasville. That was the main event of the evening.

The former UFC champion, reigning Bellator titleholder Cris Cyborg and Arlene Blencowe competed for the title of the champion in the featherweight division. Cris Cyborg won by TKO.

Looking for a Rival

For 35-year-old Cyborg, it is arduous to find a rival who will compete with her.

Actually, Cris was the dominant champion before Amanda Nunes appeared. The defeat by Nunes in 50 seconds was a real sensation. Also, it was the fight that inflated the conflict between Cyborg and Dana White.

Dana accused the Brazilian of making a fake video to denigrate his honor. In response, Cris reminded Dana of the old insults and comparisons he had made with a man before joining the UFC. The athlete demanded an apology from White, to which the functionary reacted harshly. He refused any negotiations with Cris and said that she could look for a new job. As a result, Cris herself apologized for fabricating a video.

Will There Be a Rematch?

Cyborg needs strong opponents and high-profile posters. Thus, the Brazilian woman is considering various options.

There was even talk about a boxing fight. Rematch with Nunes is the only worthy option for her. If Bellator and the UFC agree on the rumored unification tournament, Cyborg and Nunez’s rematch could become a reality. For many MMA fans, this idea will be a real treat.

What should Cris do in this situation, in your opinion?

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What do you think?


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