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Who are you among the famous football players?

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    Where would you like to live?

    • England
    • Portugal
    • Argentina
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    For which team would you like to play?

    • Manchester United;
    • Real Madrid;
    • Barcelona Club
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    How would you like to start to play football?

    • I would like to become inspired by my parents;
    • I would like to start to play soccer just because I like the process;
    • I would like to practice it with my older brothers.
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    How many children would you like to have?

    • Three is my maximum;
    • As many as I can;
    • One or two would be enough.
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    How would you prefer to train?

    • Hard of course, but without G-force;
    • I would like to do everything and even more to reach my goals;
    • It would be enough only to train with my teammates.
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    How do you usually manage problems?

    • I prefer to find some other ways to solve the problem;
    • I do my best if the situation needs;
    • If it is too hard to manage some problem – I just ignore them.
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    How would you like to spend your free time?

    • I would like to spend it with my family;
    • I can visit some club or just hang out with my friends;
    • I would like to spend it alone with my favorite movie.


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