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How well do you know the MMA rules?

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    What is the weight range for the men in light heavyweight class?

    • 195.1–205 lbs;
    • 205.1–225 lbs;
    • Over 265 lbs.
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    Do the MMA no-no’s in fighting exist?

    • Yes, it is a list of the rules that fighter must follow;
    • Yes, but it is not important;
    • No, a fighter can do whatever he wants.
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    The ring/cage used in MMA must be between…

    • 30 square feet and 42 square feet;
    • 15 square feet and 22 square feet;
    • 20 square feet and 32 square feet.
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    Can a fighter use some equipment?

    • Yes, whatever he wants except firearms;
    • Yes, but only lightweight padded gloves;
    • No, he must fight without anything.
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    In rounds where there is a clear winner, how many points does the loser score?

    • 8
    • 9
    • 7
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    How many rounds are in the one match?

    • 4
    • 2
    • 3
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    How much time is every round?

    • No more than 10 minutes;
    • No more than 5 minutes;
    • No more than 3 minutes.
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    How does the selection of the opponent work?

    • The fighter can fight anyone he wants;
    • The fighter can fight only an opponent in the same weight category;
    • It is a random choice.


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